7 Check Boxes for your Open Source Roadmap

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About This Workshop

Open source is now an integral part of enterprise architectural strategy. Every major Fortune 500 company has an open source adoption roadmap. The reasons are not just cost benefits and avoiding technology lockdown. The key reasons extend to the ability to innovate faster, have a competitive advantage and its proven agility. Please join us for an exciting session to discuss open source in your organizations – how many boxes have you checked?

  • Why open source?
  • Popular use cases
  • Digital Transformations & open source
  • TCO, ROI and Innovation using open source
  • Instaclustr Data Platform: An open source company
  • Are you ready to leap?
  • Possible next steps

What will you get out of the workshop?

Open source has undergone an enormous transformation in the past 10 years. There are multiple categories, numerous vendors and conflicting options. In order to come up with a reliable and sustainable long-term open source strategy, it is critical to understand the motivation of the community, state of adoption in the market and possible challenges.
Technology leaders are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs while continue to be agile and innovative. There is nothing better than embracing open source technologies. The workshop will specifically address the TCO and ROI issues along with deeper insight into innovation as a competitive advantage.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted towards Business and Technology leaders who are assigned the balancing act of reducing costs (TCO) while still being on the cutting edge. Suggested attendees:

• SVP, VP of Data, Infrastructure
• Chief Data Officers
• Director of Data Platforms


Anil Inamdar
Head of US Consulting & Delivery