PostgreSQL Enterprise Features
Brett Orr
General Manager Bigmate

About This Webinar

PostgreSQL has seen increased enterprise adoption over the last years. While it has always been considered a rock-solid and secure data base system, recent years brought native replication and partitioning, JSON support as well as increasing federation to other databases or data sources.
Operational features like high availability, horizontal and vertical scalability or zero-downtime upgrades can be achieved natively and/or via external projects.

This webinar will present the most important enterprise-related features currently implemented in PostgreSQL and provide examples on how use them. Those include:

  • Predictable major and patch releases, long support timeframes
  • Fault tolerance and data consistency
  • Enterprise relevant security-features
  • Interoperability and extensibility
  • Integrated operations, monitoring, backup
  • Replication and high availability
  • Big data analytics
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling

It will also discuss features or areas that could potentially hamper adoption as well as currently worked on enterprise features. The webinar is targeted at database engineers, technical leads or managers looking at adopting PostgreSQL in their companies. Current users of PostgreSQL should also find at least some of the content interesting.

Michael Banck
PostgreSQL Lead Consultant

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