The Ins and Outs of Apache Kafka - Part 2


About This Workshop

This three hour Apache Kafka workshop will explore three advanced topics relating to the distributed event streaming platform. The breakdown for the workshop will be as follows:

Section I:
For the first hour, the workshop will begin with comparison between Legacy Monolithic Architecture with Microservice Architecture. For Kafka Solutions, it will cover Event Driven Architecture and Kafka fundamental concepts including Partitions and Streams.

Section II:
The second hour of the workshop will cover Kafka Producers, Consumers, Connectors, and Schema Registry. We will provide example code for a Producer, a sample Consumer, 3rd party connector, and examples of schema type Avro/Json/other formats.

Section III:
For the last hour, we will discuss Kafka Cluster Deployment. This discussion will include deploying a broker, Zookeeper, Schema Registry, Producer and Consumer Config settings, enabling SSL, setting ACL for each topic, enabling firewall, and providing examples for each. We will also cover Kafka monitoring including Metricbeat or Prometheus with Alertmanager and JMX_Exporter.

Swati Kher
Senior Consultant