What is Open Core and Why You Should Avoid It
Brett Orr
General Manager Bigmate

About This Webinar

The promise of true open source technology is rooted in allowing for use and capabilities that can extend far beyond the limitations of what any single entity’s proprietary solutions can offer. Ideally, open source software should be, well, free and open. It should bring prosperity to a robust community of organizations large and small, who then contribute back to the project in proportion to their capabilities. Unfortunately, the reality now too often falls short of these ideals – and “open core” technologies and licenses are at the, well, core of the confusion and frustration.

More than ever before, anyone committing to using an open source technology needs to first do a thorough risk assessment that carefully vets the licensing terms, in addition to the strength of the community and the business motivations of commercial entities involved with the project. Those that require vendors or managed services to implement open source technologies effectively must do their due diligence to understand those businesses’ interests. The stakes are higher than ever.

Webinar attendees will come away with an understanding of:

  • Specific risk factors that can affect their open source implementation strategy
  • How to recognize potential open core lock-in situations
  • Where open source is headed as open core continues to seep into important technologies

Justin McLean
Vice President of Training Services, Instaclustr

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