7 Ways Kafka Can Surprise You in Production

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About This Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss seven aspects of Apache Kafka that can have hidden surprises. These aspects, if not deeply understood and used correctly, can result in poorly performing applications, increased resource usage, and in extreme cases, production outages. Rather than be surprised by unhappy customers, increasing costs, or a 3am page, we’ll explore these aspects of Kafka in detail and look into how best to avoid these surprises through appropriate configuration, topics, and application logic.

1. Unbalanced partition assignment
2. Offline partitions
3. Lost messages
4. Under replicated partitions + too many partitions per topic
5. Incorrect ordering of messages
6. Deteriorating Kafka performance
7. Using older versions

What will you get out of the workshop?

The workshop is an attempt to provide critical nuggets and nuanced knowledge about running Apache Kafka in production – this knowledge is acquired by our team through supporting over 100 Kafka customers in production. Issues that are experienced by organizations once in six months, we resolve every week. When our support team says that “we have seen it all”, they are not exaggerating. This workshop will provide the collective deep understanding of our support team distilled as seven key aspects.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted towards Kafka business and technology users. This is specifically useful for Kafka operators, administrators and developers. Business users can also benefit immensely by knowing the challenges faced in other organizations. Suggested attendees:

  • VP of Data or Infrastructure
  • Director of Data Platforms
  • Kafka Administrators
  • Kafka Application Developers


Anil Inamdar
Head of US Consulting & Delivery