The Ins and Outs of Apache Kafka: Intermediate Course
Brett Orr
General Manager Bigmate

About This Workshop

Imagine acting on information in real-time – now you can with the power of Apache Kafka and Streaming.

This 2-hour workshop will cover all the different ways to drive value from each message that enters your application. Learn how you can migrate from ETL, SQL, and batch-based workflows to a real-time information processing system using Kafka and supplemental technologies such as Kafka Streaming, Kafka Connect, Flink, Spark, and Elasticsearch. We will discuss the example data flow of reading tidal information from ocean beacons and process the wave patterns. Additionally, we will look at processing COVID-19 data with Kafka, Streaming, and Elasticsearch as well as other real-world examples, including Uber's Kafka Architecture and design patterns they chose when designing their systems.

Real-time information is what powers the planet; don't be left behind staying in a world of scheduled jobs and waiting for information to come to you. Register to learn how you can act now on information as it comes to create a real-time processing system using Kafka and whatever programming language you prefer.

Zeke Dean
Senior Consultant

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