The Growing Appeal of Managed Services for Open Source Technologies
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Brett Orr
General Manager Bigmate

About This Webinar

While high performing enterprises used to rely on in house infrastructure, a record number of companies are turning their attention to open source managed services. The cost advantages of being able to shift from upfront high costs to long term operational alternatives combined with the knowledge managed service providers possess in running and securing software, make a managed service offering an increasingly attractive choice. Progressive enterprises that prize velocity are discovering that they are best served focusing on their own differentiated application stack, not the underlying infrastructure.

Join Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk and Ben Bromhead, CTO at Instaclustr, for a discussion of the trends behind this change in market direction and how Instaclustr is helping customers put the focus back on their business.


Ben Bromhead,
CTO and Cofounder, Instaclustr

Stephen O'Grady
Principal Analyst, RedMonk

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