PostgreSQL for Non-Database Administrators
Brett Orr
General Manager Bigmate

About This Webinar

PostgreSQL is the most popular open source relational database. It offers advanced features, while being relatively low-maintenance for most workloads, in particular if one of the managed services is used. However, if no DBA is on staff, somebody still needs to look after Postgres servers or services, or at some point performance might deteriorate or some hard limits/errors be hit.

What will you get out of this webinar?
This webinar will give a quick overview over Postgres, what minimal initial tuning is necessary and what the current limitations are for a mostly hands-off
operation. It will also provide some best-practises for installation and configuration and what pitfalls to look out for.

Who should attend?
It is intended for system administrators, DevOps engineers or software developers whose primary role is not database management but who have to look after PostgreSQL for one reason or another.

Michael Banck
PostgreSQL Lead Consultant

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