Changing the Landscape with Cassandra 4.0

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About This Webinar

Cassandra 4.0 has been released and the amount of features and bug fixes is mind-boggling. Not only is 4.0 the most stable release ever, but it is packed with a lot of new functionality which truly changes the landscape for the following years in the Cassandra and NoSQL universe.

Either you are a developer who builds the applications on top of Cassandra or you are a devops engineer managing Cassandra clusters or
you come from the business and you want to know what Cassandra 4.0 brings to the table, you are welcome to join this webinar.

In this webinar, we will not only discuss a wide variety of new features in the major release but we will also showcase new
features the Cassandra community plans to deliver in the next releases and how the project is evolving over time.

Join this webinar to know what is going on behind the curtains in the Cassandra universe and share with us the excitement from the new major release!

Stefan Miklosovic
Senior Software Engineer