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About This Webinar:

Kibana is an open source browser-based visualization tool that can be used to search, analyze and visualize the data stored in Elasticsearch indices and is especially renowned and popular due to its rich graphical and visualization capabilities that allow users to explore large volumes of data. Kibana interacts with Elasticsearch and Logstash and together, they form the ELK stack. It also serves as a user interface for the Open Distro for Elasticsearch Security and Alerting plugins.

Kibana can be used to visualize your Open distro for Elasticsearch data in many different ways. In this webinar we will show how you can use the power of search and analytics to deep dive into your data. This webinar is perfect for users who are new to Kibana and are looking for a deep dive into data exploration, visualization, and dashboarding in Kibana.

The demo will focus on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Instaclustr Managed Elasticsearch and Kibana service
  • Start Understanding the structure of your data using the Kibana discovery section.
  • Start Building graphs, vertical bar chart, horizontal bar chart, pie chart, line graph, heat map etc. to answer specific questions on your data using Kibana visualization tools.
  • Put together your visualizations into dashboards to see and share your data story

Mussa Shirazi
Senior Consultant, Instaclustr

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