White Paper

5 Reasons Why Choosing Apache Cassandra® Is Planning for a Multi-Cloud Future


We have been hearing for several years now that multi-cloud deployment is something that is highly desirable, with the driver being that companies want to be capable of being cloud agnostic and not beholden to one single vendor. While this is a nice to have, the reality has been that multi-cloud has been viewed as hard and simply moving to the cloud is hard enough.
Something has changed over the last 3 months. We are seeing these requirements becoming definitive and real, with larger enterprises now at least planning on being cloud agnostic and/or multi-cloud capable. It is like the first wave of cloud adoption has happened, and the early adopters are now planning for the future.
Apache Cassandra goes a long way to underpinning and enabling multi-cloud deployments. So even if you are not doing multi-cloud right now, you should be thinking about future proofing your architecture. This paper provides 5 reasons why Apache Cassandra is an enabler for true multi-cloud deployments.

Read this white paper to discover the reasons that underlines why choosing Apache Cassandra as a primary data store ensures that any future migrations to a different cloud provider, or adoption of true multi-cloud is simple and easy at the data layer, with no data related migrations or downtime.

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